SliceBus Technology

Tecnologia Profichip

SNAP+ I/O Backplane Controller for high speed Remote I/O

Basic SliceBus backplane information:

- Single master system
- Up to 64 slave (Node) stations
- Asynchronous, serial data transmission with 48 MBit/s over Point to Point LVDS physic
- Additional alarm line for initialization and asynchronous event communications from node to master
- Full system detection from SliceBus master without external information on module configuration

SMC1000 - SliceBus Technology Industrial Backplane Chipset

Build your own system:

- Open system, easy to customize
- Easy expansion and high flexibility
- High transmission speed and short refresh time
- Integrated Technology Functions reduce total system cost
- Easy to use highly accurate time synchronization
- Outstanding noise immunity, detailed diagnostics and smart error handling

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